Monday, May 17, 2021

Design & Analysis 

Space Vector has over 50 years of experience in launch vehicle design as well as missile guidance and control (G&C).


Control System Analysis and Design

Design - Given a vehicle system, we develop a model and feedback control system to optimize performance based on your design goals.

Implementation - With state of the art equipment, we execute control electronics using hardware (CPLD, FPGM) and software (mP, DSP) implementations.

 Independent Review - Space Vector provides independent review of existing, or proposed, control system design that includes a comprehensive report identifying strengths and weaknesses of the design as well as suggestions for improvement.



Mission Analysis and Planning

Comprehensive database of booster and vehicle performance parameters

6 DOF trajectory simulation tools that include vehicle bending modes

Wind loading profiles and Monte Carlo dispersion predictions

Visualization aids like STK and Truespace

Trajectory shaping to optimize mission parameters (i.e. look times, line of sight, etc.)

Multibody and complex geometry engagement analysis techniques

Aerodynamic predictions (Missile Datcom, AP98, CFD)

Load Development and Environmental Predictions



Vehicle Design

3D Solid Modeling (SolidWorks)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Thermal Analysis and Protection Systems

Mass Properties Generation



Electrical System Development

Electrical Interfaces and Cabling

Thrust Vector Control Interface Simulation

Ordnance Safe and Arm Design: Transmitter Sizing, Antenna Selection, Signal Conditioning

Power Distribution and Switching

Communications: Ground Terminals, Vehicle and Payload Subsystems

Attitude Control System Thruster Interface

Separation Ordnance Control


Software Development

Embedded Flight Code Generation

Mission Timeline Implementation

Software V&V with HWIL