Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Support Equipment

Space Vector's Support Equipment

Out of this world support. 

Space Vector Corporation designs and manufactures various automated and manual support equipment for testing components and vehicle systems.


Space Vector Support Equipment includes:

Automated Test Stations

Telemetry (TM) Ground Stations

Launch Consoles

Pad Interface Boxes

Booster Simulators

Ordnance Simulators

Separation Simulators



Battery Tester Chamber

Automated Battery and Cell Test Equipment


HOE Booster Simulator

Booster Simulators


Transporter Erector

Automated Test Interface Box (ATIB)



Connecting what matters to you. 

Space Vector designs, fabricates, and tests custom wiring harnesses, umbilical cables, and test cabling for a variety of customers including Lockheed Martin and Pacific Scientific. Every cable is tested with our automatic cable scanner to accurately verify continuity and resistance. Our pin retention station ensures quality workmanship of each pin and socket on every connector.


Features of Space Vector cabling include:

 Mil-Standard Connectors

Shielded wire for high EMI applications

Rugged strain relief

Thermal protection for high heating environments

Low profile lanyard pull


Umbi Cable Cable Tester

RF Capabilities

RF Passive Components

Communicating on all levels.


RF Filters, Couplers, Amplifiers, and Switches

Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop, All Pass Filters

Resistive, in-phase, 90° hybrid, 180° hybrid, directional couplers

LNA, PA, distributed, cascode, darlington, class A, class AB, class B

Reed relay, pin diode and FET based switches, both in series and shunt configurations


Support Circuity

Limiters, gain equalizer, attenuators, sequencers, thermal compensators, linearizers, mixers, PLL’s, modulators, phase shifters, bias tee’s, etc.


Frequency Converters

Block down, block up and frequency tuned down


Telemetry Antennas

Microstrip, helical, omni-directional with integral LNAs and airborne blades

Unique designs include sector-scan antennas for telemetry, phased antenna systems and complete single channel monopulse feeds for parabolic reflector antennas.


Telemetry Signal Simulators

Antenna bore sight systems, portable hand-held field units and rack-mounted laboratory units


Custom Microwave Circuits

Fixed and Tuned Phased Locked Oscillators and Monopulse Converters


Telemetry Transmitters

PCM-FM transmitters and S-band video transmitters

Click here for a brochure of Space Vector's RF capabilities.


Space Vector Batteries

Powering our National Defense.

Space Vector currently fabricates a variety of rechargeable (secondary) batteries used in launch vehicle, spacecraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications. These rugged 28 Vdc batteries power vehicle systems under severe boost and space conditions. Batteries can be mounted with or without isolators. The 2.5 AH battery is used on several range approved RCC-319 Flight Termination Systems (FTS) and often coupled with our FTS relay box to power the command/destruct receivers, S&A, and destruct ordnance as shown the block diagram below.  Our batteries have successfully passed qualification level thermal cycling, vibration, shock, vacuum, humidity, fungus resistance, fine sand, salt fog, explosive atmosphere, and EMI/EMC testing and have flown on a variety of missions and vehicle configurations.

Space Vector produces a line of aerospace grade lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries. The 2.5 Ah Li-Ion FTS battery is designed as a drop in replacement for our existing 2.2 Ah Ni-Cd battery and incorporates high-current cells capable of delivering over 30 Amps (30 ms pulse) at 28 Vdc under extreme environments. The 20 Ah Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) system battery is capable of delivery over 200 Amps continuously from a single, lightweight package. Each battery uses SVChargeTM Smart Battery Technology which provides Programmable Protection and Monitoring. The cells within the battery are balanced during charging with optional “Flight Mode” lockout of protection features during flight. Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries can be purchased either with an internal or external Battery Management System (BMS). Battery Chargers are available to discharge the batteries in the field, measure capacity, and display cell voltage, current, and temperature.


Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)Batteries 

1.5 Ah Li-Ion Flight Safety Battery

2.5 Ah Li-Ion Flight Safety Battery



2.5 Ah Li-Ion Flight Safety Battery



2.5 Ahr Li-Ion Range Safety Battery



25 Ahr System Battery



Battery Chargers

Battery Charger

Lab and Vehicle based charging


Battery GUI

Battery Charger GUI



GPS Metric Tracking Units

Tracking with impact.

Space Vector Corporation proudly designs and manufactures a variety of range-approved GPS tracking units. These modular units can be configured to provide power filtering and distribution, GPS data encoding and transmission, and optional SatCom interfaces. These units are designed to provide GPS metric tracking at any US launch range.


We are currently supplying GPS systems for the following vehicles:

ULA EELV (Atlas V and Delta IV) flown on the Eastern and Western ranges

Lockheed Martin LV-2 Target Vehicle flown at RTS, PMRF, VAFB, and others

Ait-2 Target flown at Kodiak



Launch Vehicle GPS Navigation Receiver

Space Vector Corporation is developing orbital insertion navigation systems for several launch vehicles. Space Vector’s GPS Receivers provide accurate navigation to allow precision satellite deployment.


Launch Vehicle GPS Analog Translator

Space Vector Corporation actively provides solutions for strategic programs.


Launch Vehicle GPS Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

Custom-designed Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for launch vehicle applications.


Space GPS Receiver Systems

Space Vector Corporation has designed and tested a variety of space capable GPS receivers for ISS and spacecraft applications. Designs support LEO, HEO, MEO and GEO. Space Vector is developing Radiation Hardened Precision Positioning Systems that include SAASM and m-code applications.