Sunday, January 26, 2020

GPS Systems

GPS Metric Tracking Units

Space Vector Corporation designs and manufactures a variety of range approved GPS tracking units. These modular units can be configured to provide power filtering and distribution, GPS data encoding and transmission, and optional SatCom interfaces. These units are designed to provide GPS metric tracking at any of the US launch ranges. We are currently supplying GPS systems for the following vehicles:

  • ULA EELV (Atlas V and Delta IV) flown on the Eastern and Western ranges
  • Lockheed Martin LV-2 Target Vehicle flown at RTS, PMRF, VAFB, and others
  • Ait-2 Target flown at Kodiak


Launch Vehicle GPS Navigation Receiver

Space Vector Corporation is developing orbital insertion navigation systems for several launch vehicles. Space Vector’s GPS Receivers provide accurate navigation to allow precision satellite deployment.

Launch Vehicle GPS Analog Translator

Space Vector Corporation is providing solutions for strategic programs.

Launch Vehicle GPS Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

Custom designed Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA) for launch vehicle applications.

Space GPS Receiver Systems

Space Vector Corporation has designed and tested a variety of space capable GPS receivers for ISS and spacecraft applications. Designs support LEO, HEO, MEO and GEO. Space Vector is developing Radiation Hardened Precision Positioning Systems that include SAASM and m-code applications.

Click here for a GPS brochure in a PDF file format.