Monday, May 17, 2021

RF Passive Components

Communicating on all levels.


RF Filters, Couplers, Amplifiers, and Switches

Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop, All Pass Filters

Resistive, in-phase, 90° hybrid, 180° hybrid, directional couplers

LNA, PA, distributed, cascode, darlington, class A, class AB, class B

Reed relay, pin diode and FET based switches, both in series and shunt configurations


Support Circuity

Limiters, gain equalizer, attenuators, sequencers, thermal compensators, linearizers, mixers, PLL’s, modulators, phase shifters, bias tee’s, etc.


Frequency Converters

Block down, block up and frequency tuned down


Telemetry Antennas

Microstrip, helical, omni-directional with integral LNAs and airborne blades

Unique designs include sector-scan antennas for telemetry, phased antenna systems and complete single channel monopulse feeds for parabolic reflector antennas.


Telemetry Signal Simulators

Antenna bore sight systems, portable hand-held field units and rack-mounted laboratory units


Custom Microwave Circuits

Fixed and Tuned Phased Locked Oscillators and Monopulse Converters


Telemetry Transmitters

PCM-FM transmitters and S-band video transmitters

Click here for a brochure of Space Vector's RF capabilities.