Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Vehicle Interface Unit (VIU) was designed and built by Space Vector over 10 years ago to be a smart interface between sensitive, digital control electronics and the high power and often very diverse world of the vehicle analog interfaces. The VIU incorporates a modular design allowing users to "sandwich" together just the modules required to meet mission requirements. Available modules include:

  • Power Supply and Distributition
  • Central Processing Unit with optional 1553 interface
  • Attitude Control System Thruster Drivers
  • Nozzle Drivers for motor thrust vector control systems
  • Relay Drivers for discrete functions
  • Analog and Telemetry Conditioning
Vehicle Interface Unit

The VIU is flight proven and currently being used by Lockheed Martin in support of National Missile Defense testing on the PLV program. Every unit is put through workmanship environmental stress screening to ensure the highest reliability. The VIU design is periodically upgraded to keep up with continuing advancements in electronics.

VIU Board